“Why Not?”

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It is definitely a busy time in my life at the moment.  No nanny, little todlers to chase around, a 12year old son who has chronic pain and needs lots of slow rehab, other children, a husband, a house and a business!  How is life going for you at the moment?

Heres the Thought For The Day:  Why Not?

Just because you dont want to dream does not mean I can’t!

Here is three reasons WHY…

1:  My Life Is Not Based On Your Choices

It is a great feeling that you have knowing you are in control of your life and not those around you.  Sometimes you may feel pushed by family, friends or work mates but ultimately it is down to the decison you make that directs your life.

2:  I Have The Freedom To

Some cultures, religions or even races are extremely restricted in what is to be done.  You are given much freedom to be who you are meant to be, say what you want to say and live in the purpose you are meant to live in.  Make sure you make the most of it.

3:  My Life Is Not Going To Live In The Not But The Can

You like me have the choice to live in the “can”.  In other words it is easy for you to say “not at the moment”, “not ever” or “not possible”.  Instead change your vocabulary to “can in a moment”, “can do it always” or “can be possible”.

Love how you can change your world around you making small changes.

Keeping it real…


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