A Professional BUT Kicker Speaker not to be missed for your next  Conference, Event or Retreat.

She is a dynamic speaker who brings her own uniqueness to the stage.   A gifted communicator who engages her audience with her strength, sheer determination as she draws on her experiences both personally and professionally.  She is not afraid of sharing raw truths to rid you of any excuses to move forward. She eliminates any limitations that potentially could hold you back. And leaves behind all buts with her message which is to the point, no fluff and no doubt.

Kiri-Maree is passionate to bring changes to the culture within your place of influence. She speaks to leaders and brings “Clarity/Certainty/Authenticity and Legacy.”

As an advocate for Peak Performance Leadership she never lets bias, conditioning or staying within the box hold her back.

She will give you many practical strategies.  One step forward at a time.  Strategic Processes.  Attainable Methods.  Simple Systems to gain the results you deserve.

Unashamedly her message is “Strong, Focussed and always with Intentional Purpose.”

Kiri-Maree is flexible enough to custom design your presentation to work for you.



 “Retrain Your Brain So Your Story Shapes The Results You Want For Your Company/Team or Business”.

Remember your brain is a power house and this is what is running your company or business.  Make sure what you have wired it to do is aligned with the results you really want.

The Why? The What? The Do!


1:  Retrain Your Brain To Bring Maximum Results In Your Place Of Influence

Obstacles are only stepping stones.

Limitations gives the abilities to restore, expand and propel forward.

Excuses are not an option.

Buts are in your past story.

2:  Your Intentional Choices Change Culture

From Story To Legacy:

As she unfolds parts of her story you are able to discover how the impossible becomes the possible.

Learn the Motivated Momma’s Mindset Model where you can choose  to take on “The 5 Circuits To Produce The Results You Deserve.”

3:  Stress Conditioning (e.g. In Corporate/Business/In Teams):

How To Diffuse Your Self Buts

Remove the 6 Stoppers Vs implement the 6 Possibilities.

Reset your mindset.  Insert clarity into life.

Realise your belief system effects the actions you take.

Experience how you can be empowered to empower other Entrepreneurs or Professionals in your area of expertise.

4:  Unpack Your Bag Of Authenticity:

Its time to get real to yourself.

Get real with others.

Get real in your profession and excel in Peak Performance.

5:  Lead The Way You Want To Be Led:

The importance of knowing your purpose so that your personal and professional decisions are always going in the same direction.

Be intentional.  Become an authentic role model.

Unlock the system to effective leadership and take on the responsibility to bring your top performance everytime.

Raise the bar and begin to reap the results.

6:  Transform Your What Was! Your What Is! What Can Be!:

The power of change when you define you.  Ensure the domino effect you want in your business, team or corporation.

As a Transformational Speaker she desires to serve you to help change lives.   Today let her motivate, inspire, and challenge you to step up to a whole new level personally and professionally.

Known as the Personal Trainer For Your Place Of Influence – Kiri-Maree

“Be stretched, pushed beyond the normal range and reap maximum results”