Meet Kiri-Maree

Hi My Friend

I am a woman who is determined to not let my past shape my future!”

Being a kid of the system.  Having faced anorexia.  Defeated suicide.  Pushed beyond my last breathe.  From divorce to the experience of years in a healthy marriage.  Living with kids with special needs.  And the loss of  limbs through the gain of a random condition in my latter years after being a fitness freak.

I wanted to change my story…  And I needed to change my story…

After years of leading programs for youth, kids, parents and women I knew it was time to do things differently.   From the successful to street kids, prostitutes and what many people class as the underprivileged and unloveable.   There was a common denominator.  “Life is a choice.”

A life where you continue to band aid over or a life where you choose to gain the results you deserve.  I have had many opportunities to not want to survive, to be a statistic and definitely not to thrive.  But I chose to re-route my future through my faith, methods, systems and tools.  And as a result today I serve through Speaking, Writing and Programs .

This brings transformation in the lives of many.

I provide authenticity in its rawest form.   And I leave behind for the generations to come a legacy worth living for.

Known as your “Personal Trainer for Corporations/Businesses and Teams”  I have learnt the power in changing my Neural pathways to ensure my actions get the results I desire.

I give no room for obstacles, limitations and buts to stop you from being the best you can be in your personal, physical, spiritual, financial and professional.

It is time to change your Neural pathways and bring Clarity/Certainty/Authenticity and Legacy.

Here’s to the best future

No buts about it!

Your B.U.T Kicker:


“Retrain The Brain To Lead Your Corporation/Business/Team To Take Quantum Leaps To Get Maximum Results Through High End Accountability”