Not A One Night Wonder…

A great leader is not made in a one night wonder. This may come as a shock to you but great leadership is built over time as part of a journey.

Here is my “3 D’s TO A GREAT LEADER”.


Make your legacy worth living for.

Know it. Breathe it. Want it. See it. Dream it. And go for it. When you know why you are here on earth you can lead from this place with such certainty and clarity.


This is your “what” in your leadership journey.

What is going to keep you going through the good, bad and the ugly times. This is what will make you stand out from other leaders in your place of influence. To be a great leader you must know what is going to motivate, inspire and keep you being the action taker.


This is your secret sauce which will mean you achieve great things that makes you a leader worth following. This is the how. It takes time to do your “how” well and produce maximum results. You may want to get fit, healthy and build muscle. It is quite possible you even know the how to achieve this. But to know the how and to put the how into practice are two separate concepts. To achieve these results you must put in the hard work and have the discipline to continue until your desired outcome is complete. Discipline is a tool for a great leader to not just strive, survive but to thrive in your leadership journey.

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Until I hear from you

Your B.U.T. Kicker


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  1. It’s always inspiring to read your notes Kiri-Maree . This one specially reassured my confidence in some decisions I have been making lately. I like it when you said “thrive”, this word has been in my mind all week and it is so important for the soul to be able to make steady progress every day, to keep trying for the next thing in the agenda, even if it is just one more page, or one more step or just one less spoon of sugar…there is a long journey ahead for everyone and it is good to feel that we are walking for the good of our own story. Big hug to you.

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