A “90 Day Mastermind Challenge” for a select group of Business Leaders And Leaders In Your Place Of Influence.

Do you want your next 90 days to be different?
Are you tired of not being the world changer you are designed to be?
Do you think you know what you need to do but are uncertain and unclear how to achieve it?
Is it time for you to begin to be real and commit to change to get the results you desire?
Can you continue your journey alone?
Is now the right time to start to make big decisions for big results?
Are you really going to achieve Peak Performance with out accountability?

Now is your time to retrain the way your brain is wired so your results change…  

It is time to connect with Business Leaders and Leaders In Your Place Of Influence to know the power of Collaboration, Commitment and Consolidation.

If you are accepted YOU will:

#  LOOK at where you are now, where you want to go in your place of influence and take one step at a time. You choose how big the steps are.
#  CONNECT with others. Know there are others joining you on this journey.
#  EXPERIENCE huge shifts and learn to play bigger.
#  GAIN intense accountability through hardcore coaching and mentoring with your Professional B.U.T Kicker. (They don’t call me the Personal Trainer For Your Place Of Influence for no reason!)
#  LEARN new insights, tools, models, processes and concepts to take you and your place of influence to new levels.

This program is not for the faint hearted.
There are other peoples program available for this.
Your commitment will be 90 Days.


#  3 x Virtual Mastermind or
#  3 x Face-to-Face “Master Of Mastermind” in Sydney, Australia.

The “90 Day Mastermind Challenge” is only right for you if you meet all 3 of the following criteria:

1:  You Already Do Awesome Things In Your Place Of Influence.

2:  You Want And Will Step Up To A Whole New Level.

3:  You Will Be Totally Willing To Let Go Of Obstacles, Limitations And Buts That Stop You From Obtaining Peak Performance.

Please realise it is not for everyone.  So seriously not everyone gets in.

To see if you are the right fit for our tribe you need to fill in this form and connect…

I Look forward to see you play big!

Your Professional B.U.T. Kicker


Working with Kiri-Maree has helped me increase my productivity, systematize my programs and better convey my message. Because of her coaching I now have a profitable business. Thank you Kiri-Maree. You truly are a B.U.T kicker!!!
Chef V
The Gluten Free Chef

Kiri-Maree dives in with laser focus on the areas one needs their BUT kicked! Working with Kiri-Maree has opened my eyes to incredibly simple fixes that I just didn’t see. She has suggested easy systems that have made my business much more streamlined and less stressful. Kiri-Maree also quickly tuned into the marketing areas I was not taking advantage of. Kiri-Maree helps you move out of excuses and into action.
Liz Kettle
Textile Evolution