Conventional or Intentional?


The funny thing in this photo is I have on several layers under my jacket and as I speak on “Unpack Your Bag Of Authenticity” I begin to strip down. Not what most speakers do upfront but then I am not like most speakers!!!

Maybe you have always done it a certain way… The bonus to this means your results will always be consistent!

Results being consistent does not mean you are necessarily able to get your maximum results.

The conventional way will get you the conventional results. This may be ok but is ok enough?

What if you were to break out from the norm? Instead of doing the conventional thing you decide to make intentional choices and instead you get intentional results.

In plain english what I am saying is “Same Way Same Results”. “Different Way Different Results.

Even when you know this you may still stick with the conventional way. Why?

Here are 3 Reasons You Choose Conventional Over Intentional.

1: Everyone Else Does It This Way.
You continue to follow the trends rather than be ahead of the trends or even set the trends. You find it easier to follow than be a leader in you sphere of influence.

2: I Have Always Done It This Way.
You love life to be in control and continue to do it the way you know. You settle to play safe instead of venture into the unknown.

3: I Don’t Know Any Other Way.
You don’t know what you don’t know. Too hard to opt into doing life a different way.

When you live life this way does it mean you go forward slowly or maybe not at all? Stay doing it the conventional and remain this way. Step into the intentional and you step into results of all possibilities…

I know what way I go… Intentional all the way!! And you?

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