Conventional or Intentional?


The funny thing in this photo is I have on several layers under my jacket and as I speak on “Unpack Your Bag Of Authenticity” I begin to strip down. Not what most speakers do upfront but then I am not like most speakers!!!

Maybe you have always done it a certain way… The bonus to this means your results will always be consistent!

Results being consistent does not mean you are necessarily able to get your maximum results.

The conventional way will get you the conventional results. This may be ok but is ok enough?

What if you were to break out from the norm? Instead of doing the conventional thing you decide to make intentional choices and instead you get intentional results.

In plain english what I am saying is “Same Way Same Results”. “Different Way Different Results.

Even when you know this you may still stick with the conventional way. Why?

Here are 3 Reasons You Choose Conventional Over Intentional.

1: Everyone Else Does It This Way.
You continue to follow the trends rather than be ahead of the trends or even set the trends. You find it easier to follow than be a leader in you sphere of influence.

2: I Have Always Done It This Way.
You love life to be in control and continue to do it the way you know. You settle to play safe instead of venture into the unknown.

3: I Don’t Know Any Other Way.
You don’t know what you don’t know. Too hard to opt into doing life a different way.

When you live life this way does it mean you go forward slowly or maybe not at all? Stay doing it the conventional and remain this way. Step into the intentional and you step into results of all possibilities…

I know what way I go… Intentional all the way!! And you?

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MotivatedMomma Monday Moment – First Impression!


Are You A Celebrity Or A Leader?

Are You A Celebrity
Or A Leader?


The choice is yours but the outcome is extremely different.

Think about it for a minute… As a leader in your place of influence you have a particular leadership style. This leadership style has a domino effect on all those who are in your sphere of influence. Is the effect you have add or take away from your environment?

Personally I choose to be a “Leader of Leaders” not a Celebrity Leader!

A “Celebrity Leader” is one who commands a public fascination where the media or followers are consumed by their day to day moves and image. This type of leader has little leadership skills but great community building skills. What tends to happen is when the excitement dies down and the community looks for clarity, certainty and a plan this leadership style often struggles to deliver on this.

A “Leader of Leaders” style of leadership can deliver on many areas.

Here is 5 Keys To Being A Leader…

1: You Give Something To Follow – You give a vision or purpose to why a community follow you. Make sure you lead in a way that it makes it worth following. Results will be greater if you enjoy the journey.

2: You Create The Culture – Instead of your community creating your place of influence you create the culture. Create a culture or movement that is aligned with your value and belief system.

3: You Know Who You Are And What You Are About – Your leadership delivery is extremely clear in its direction. You make decisions easily due to your certainty. You know your plan and the plan of those following in your footsteps.

4: Your Motivation Is A Point Of Difference – Your focus is not on you as much as it is on what you can bring to your followers. It is much harder to keep up an image yet easy to maintain what comes naturally.

5: You Are An Expert – You are an expert who not only says the right words but walks the talk and has much to offer. People follow you because they need what you can provide and in this way you can make a big difference in their lives.

This is just a brief overview as you and I continue to dig deeper over the next few weeks….

Maybe you or someone in your community are wanting to step up as a Leader but continue to let limitations, excuses and buts stop the progress forward…

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“What Would It Take For You To Move Your But…?”

Hi there!

It is easy for you at this time of the year to wind down and reside to the fact your year is nearly over and you will just do better in the new year.

The challenge is if you change nothing in the way you do life whether this is personally or professionally then again this time next year your results will remain the same as they are now.

History will continue to repeat itself.

And your frustration will continue to haunt you.

Something needs to change for change to occur.

This change will involve you!

A Determined You.  A Motivated You.  A Focused You.

So the question remains “What would it take for you to move your but…?

Don’t let you get in the way by allowing nothing to change.

The consequence is you lack the results you desire.

You deserve to walk in your higher purpose.  This being the life you are designed to live out.  You can do it.   Just do it!

Be determined, motivated, be focused and get different results.

Invest in you so your coming year will not only be better for you but those you continue to influence along the journey.

Keeping it real…


But Kicker

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“Why Not?”

Hi there

It is definitely a busy time in my life at the moment.  No nanny, little todlers to chase around, a 12year old son who has chronic pain and needs lots of slow rehab, other children, a husband, a house and a business!  How is life going for you at the moment?

Heres the Thought For The Day:  Why Not?

Just because you dont want to dream does not mean I can’t!

Here is three reasons WHY…

1:  My Life Is Not Based On Your Choices

It is a great feeling that you have knowing you are in control of your life and not those around you.  Sometimes you may feel pushed by family, friends or work mates but ultimately it is down to the decison you make that directs your life.

2:  I Have The Freedom To

Some cultures, religions or even races are extremely restricted in what is to be done.  You are given much freedom to be who you are meant to be, say what you want to say and live in the purpose you are meant to live in.  Make sure you make the most of it.

3:  My Life Is Not Going To Live In The Not But The Can

You like me have the choice to live in the “can”.  In other words it is easy for you to say “not at the moment”, “not ever” or “not possible”.  Instead change your vocabulary to “can in a moment”, “can do it always” or “can be possible”.

Love how you can change your world around you making small changes.

Keeping it real…


But Kicker

“Taking Quantum Leaps Through High End Accountability”

Real To Yourself. Real To Others. Real In Business.