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To Network or Not To Network?

The Coach Marketing Guru and The Gluten-Free Chef

The Coach Marketing Guru and The Gluten-Free Chef

Find a way to enjoy the process as it genuinely works.   
Naturally I am an introvert.  This may come as a surprise!  But it is true!   Seriously if I had two options given to me and number one was to hang on my own or number two was to meet a whole bunch of new people the choice is a no brainer.  I would avoid the group and find something that needs to be done right at this particular moment.
                                                                                     I love people just not small talk.

In fact speaking from the stage is no problem I love it and it is a passion of mine.   What I don’t do well is talking about the weather or the latest in stardom.  Our joke at home is my husband finds our friends and I keep our friends.  Now the one on one and deeper conversations I can do.

So networking in business has been my weaker area rather than a strength and I am sure you know this is not a good thing as great growth comes from great networking.

I actually never planned that this blog or my last blog I wrote on how to Maximise Your Networks You Have Already To Build Your Business Bigger to be two blogs related in topic.  But I truly see the benefits of intentional networking and I personally see growth in this area in my own life.  So I have decided it is worth spending one more blog on it.

I am going to share this story of mine where I go through this process of networking, I gain a great friend, a successful client and I love the process!

Lets begin…

A year and a half ago I joined an online community called Elevate.  This is a program run by an amazing woman entrepreneur in California called Ali Brown.  Throughout the program I have loved my learnings.  I have heard great expertise.   But I especially love the opportunity I have had to connect with other entrepreneurs and be a part of each others journey.  Early this year I was also able to attend “Thrive Live” the closed event she puts on for her members.

This was where I met Varouj amongst a whole lot of other awesome peeps!.

We did the business check out thing!  You know what I mean.   We asked about each others business and handed over business cards.   When I was back in my room I checked out his website.    I decided to take it to another step and so when I saw him again on the last night I said I am about to leave LA and I will head to Austin, Reston then San Fran so how about we connect when I am up there?

During this time we kept in email contact, then texted each other and met again in San Francisco.

We had some great times together in San Francisco.  And for the record he is the best gluten-free chef ever.

I know!  I got to sample his food first hand.  So if you are in the Bay area check his programs out and sign up.

Now he and I work together through google-hangout.

Was this a difficult process?  No not at all.  It has been the best to get to know him, gain a friend as well as add another to my network…

Today I was surprised as I posted the photo I have included here of Varouj on my facebook page (htt:// ) and then this morning I received the following testimonial from him as well…

Working with Kiri-Maree has helped me increase my productivity, systematize my programs and better convey my message.  Because of her coaching I now have a profitable business. Thank you Kiri-Maree. You truly are a B.U.T kicker!!!

Chef V

The Gluten Free Chef

Networking is relational and it works!

I continue to have more and more of these stories to tell.

If this is networking then I’m in!  What about you…

Are you maximising your networking relationships, making new friends, enjoying the process and bringing growth to your business?

Well it is time to start today…

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Maximise Your Networks You Have Already To Build Your Business Bigger

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Love being able to do life with these two amazing women.  Brandi Mitchell ( and Nikki Njeri Klugh (  At the right place at the right time intentionally!

Too much of your time and energy is spent thinking about, driving to or attending network events in search of the hope to meet a potential client only to return to your place of work with total disappointment.  You may have had the opportunity to hand out some of your business cards but are they real going to convert to clients?

Remember your time is worth money.  Any time away from building your business needs to be time you invest wisely.  Networking is a tool that is extremely important for growth in your business.

Make sure you make this work for you not against you.

New networks are great if they are aligned with your greater purpose of what your business is about.

There are times where you meet someone for the first time, you connect straight away and this develops into an immediate joint venture.  These are awesome but often reality is it takes a much longer time.  A time where a relationship is built, trust is created and clarity of a win-win situation can occur.  This time costs you not only your time but your energy and your money as well.

Personally I lock in two different networks a month into my schedule at a place I haven’t been before.

There are two reasons for this:

#  First I will learn new things to put into my business.

#  Second I will meet new people to add to my network.  And the rest of the time do I sit back on my laurels and hope my network grows?

No!  Of course not!  I just believe that both you and I have untapped networks already at our doorsteps.  You need to maximize your networks so you can build your business bigger and as a result it will build your bottom line.

Here are 3 simple No Brainer Ways you can put into your schedule right now and you don’t even have to leave your desk!

1:  Schedule in time on your Linkedin:  Target to your ideal clients and actually connect.

2:  Schedule in time to use your pile of business cards:  Dust off the pile of business cards and put in place a system where you contine to build relationships with the people you have met already.  Invite them to be a part of something you have coming up.

3:  Schedule in for a call of action to your database:  Send an email just to connect.  Send another one and this time have a call to action of some sort.    An example of this being an invite to an upcoming webinar, an event, group or even ask someone out for a coffee!

Go and increase…

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