Are You A Celebrity Or A Leader?

Are You A Celebrity
Or A Leader?


The choice is yours but the outcome is extremely different.

Think about it for a minute… As a leader in your place of influence you have a particular leadership style. This leadership style has a domino effect on all those who are in your sphere of influence. Is the effect you have add or take away from your environment?

Personally I choose to be a “Leader of Leaders” not a Celebrity Leader!

A “Celebrity Leader” is one who commands a public fascination where the media or followers are consumed by their day to day moves and image. This type of leader has little leadership skills but great community building skills. What tends to happen is when the excitement dies down and the community looks for clarity, certainty and a plan this leadership style often struggles to deliver on this.

A “Leader of Leaders” style of leadership can deliver on many areas.

Here is 5 Keys To Being A Leader…

1: You Give Something To Follow – You give a vision or purpose to why a community follow you. Make sure you lead in a way that it makes it worth following. Results will be greater if you enjoy the journey.

2: You Create The Culture – Instead of your community creating your place of influence you create the culture. Create a culture or movement that is aligned with your value and belief system.

3: You Know Who You Are And What You Are About – Your leadership delivery is extremely clear in its direction. You make decisions easily due to your certainty. You know your plan and the plan of those following in your footsteps.

4: Your Motivation Is A Point Of Difference – Your focus is not on you as much as it is on what you can bring to your followers. It is much harder to keep up an image yet easy to maintain what comes naturally.

5: You Are An Expert – You are an expert who not only says the right words but walks the talk and has much to offer. People follow you because they need what you can provide and in this way you can make a big difference in their lives.

This is just a brief overview as you and I continue to dig deeper over the next few weeks….

Maybe you or someone in your community are wanting to step up as a Leader but continue to let limitations, excuses and buts stop the progress forward…

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Look forward to hearing from you.

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  1. It’s interesting to think about leadership style and you present the keys to leadership so clearly! I’m going to download your gift now.

  2. Denise Banks-Grasedyck says:

    Thank you, Kiri-Maree! You have highlighted some imporant points on leadership. What I have often experienced is that the “celebrity leader” is one who has a very wide following, even with people who scarcely know what the leader represents and the true leader, even if her/his following is wide, it tends to be comprised of people who share some important values.

    • motivatedmomma says:

      Thank you Denise 🙂

      I believe you can have both a wide following and be a true leader! You just have to be intentional and not cross over to celebrity if your intentional from the start is to remain a true leader.

  3. Know thyself! So important for leadership, knowing who you are and what you are all about.
    And I agree, Kiri-Maree, it is KEY that you walk your talk and be a role model, too.

  4. I REALLY enjoyed this article. You’ve given me some insight that I was struggling with for my own tribe. In this day and age of quick “celebrity” due to online exposure, it is easy for someone to gain a following with little or no talent. Those that are “leader of leaders” will outlast the celebrity leaders. Stick to your values and core message to come out ahead in the end 🙂 Thanks!

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