A Leadership That Is Divided Causes Cultural Breakdown.

If there is cultural breakdown in your place of influence where do you look first?

I believe the first place you need to take a look at is your leadership.  It is time for someone to take responsibility.  With this responsibility you may need to make unrest within and to look at the need to make drastic changes that will rock the boat.

Culture is a powerful human tool for survival.

The majority of it is made up of “Patterns and Perceptions”.   If there is disagreement to either patterns, perceptions or both then this will bring disruption, breakdown and in some cases destruction.

As a leader who takes responsibility you need to be one who can weather the times when there are ripples of tension or potentially when the culture turns upside down and results in a cultural breakdown.

There are definite times where the ripples will hit your culture no matter how good your foundation is.

Here are “3 Keys To Minimize The Ripples In Culture”.

1:  Build A Sense Of Trust:

Build a sense of trust on a diverse level.  Always remember that the way you trust can be different to how others trust.   You and I can be bias due to our own circumstances.  It is time to build a culture that has a trust structure built on universal trust.   There is the need to build a sense of knowledge.  Learn this through respect, honor and contribution.  I strongly believe you can never out give.  This does not necessarily mean of monetary value.  Breed a culture of generosity.

2:  Have An Authentic Connection:

Have authentic connections that leads to meaningful connections.  This way the door is always open and easy to walk through if required.  There are times where there may be the need for an exception to the rule.  When there is already a relationship it gives you a platform to already begin.  The same relates to those times when there may be need to restructure.  It is easier when both can part ways with total understanding of the situation.

Also when there is authentic connection there is always the possibility for give and take.  Definitely at times this can be needed by all.  Yes even those in leadership!

3:  Desire To Understand:

The desire to understand by creating an atmosphere of understanding.  Lead the way you want to be led.


Establish the desire for open lines of communications.

And always respond with the motivation that behind everything is your desire to see your culture continuously progress forward.

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